Frock Swap Time lapse

What is a Frock Swap?

Well, it�s not girls swapping frocks (sorry for the confusing name!). It�s just a fancy name for a women�s second hand clothing market. People rent stall space from us, clean out their wardrobes and bring everything along to sell and make some money. It�s only for women�s clothing (sorry guys!) shoes, bags and accessories. But it�s a little classier than a normal flea market (well, we like to think so). We run indoor only markets and try to make the day more of a girls day out by having some pampering stands as well. more info ...

Book a stall

Anyone is welcome to book a stall space at the Melbourne Frock Swap! Stalls are 3 metres by 3 metres and all are indoor � and you are very welcome to share! We only allow women�s pre-loved clothing and fashion accessories be sol, but we don�t place restrictions on brands or styles � so you can bring anything and everything you no longer want in your wardrobe! We don�t rent out tables or racks, so you�ll need to bring everything you�ll need � and, but if you�d like to know more, there�s plenty of info on our booking site; so just click below to learn more.


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